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The Association of Rehabilitation Physiotherapists of Ukraine was founded by leading experts in the field of Kinesitherapy in 2012. The main purpose of the Association is to develop and popularize Kinesitherapy, as well as to unite qualified specialists from different organizations and companies for a common goal - to improve the knowledge and skills of specialists throughout Ukraine and to help get rid of pain and improve the quality of life of people with the help of modern and advanced methods of physical rehabilitation.

The Association is developing and expanding its activities in various areas, including the education of specialists, cooperation with rehabilitation centers and other medical facilities, and the development of standards for Kinesiotherapy to meet high standards for the provision of physical therapy services. Nowadays, the Association continues to develop, providing professional support for specialists and improving the quality of physical rehabilitation in Ukraine.
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Our goal is to unite and support the community of rehabilitation physiotherapists by providing the highest level of professional training and promotion of the specialty. We focus on the development and implementation of the latest rehabilitation methods and technologies to improve treatment results and ensure maximum comfort and efficiency for our members.
With the help of our association, you can find mentors who will help you improve your professional skills. You can also become a mentor for other colleagues.
Training and mentoring
You can access the knowledge base and practical seminars of leading specialists in the field of physical rehabilitation to get the most relevant information on testing and modern methods of patient recovery using Kinesitherapy.
Our association helps physiotherapists to provide the highest quality of treatment and rehabilitation by providing access to the latest technologies and trends in the industry.
Quality standards
Our association provides an opportunity for physiotherapists to communicate and interact with colleagues from similar disciplines, sharing their experience and knowledge.
Collectivity and
Support and mentoring
Access to the knowledge library
A team of like-minded people with common values
Access to seminars from leading experts
Certificates granted
Free seminars
In addition, membership in the association is fee-based, which allows to provide financial support for the development and fulfillment of the association's tasks.
You must have at least one year of experience in the sphere
You must be willing to share your knowledge and experience.
You must support and comply with the association's code of ethics and professional standards.
If you are a qualified physical rehabilitation specialist and want to be part of an active and dynamic community of professionals, membership in the Association of Rehabilitation Physiotherapists may be useful for you! The membership will allow you to exchange knowledge and experience with colleagues, participate in seminars and other professional events, as well as receive support and protection for your professional status. Read the membership terms and conditions to learn more about the opportunities offered by the association.
Expert pieces of advice to improve the efficiency of the rehabilitation process
Annual 9th conference "Innovations in rehabilitation"
New Techniques and Methods in Physiotherapy
The latest news in the world of physiotherapy and rehabilitation
Leading rehabilitation therapist
Mykola Svidruk
This association helped me to improve my skills and obtain certificates that made me a more attractive candidate for a job. I would advise all my fellow rehabilitation professionals to join this association to get all the benefits that it offers.
Leading rehabilitation therapist
Igor Buzko
I feel support and interaction with other physiotherapists and rehabilitation therapists through this association. We exchange our experience and ideas, which helps us to do our job better.
Leading rehabilitation therapist
Anastasia Vershinina
I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a member of this association. I get access to the latest rehabilitation technologies and techniques, which allows me to be among the leaders in my profession.
To join the Ukrainian Association of Rehabilitation Physiotherapists, you must have the appropriate education and experience in working with patients, as well as adhere to the ethics and professional standards of the association. More information can be found on our website in the section "Terms of Membership".
If I want to join the association, what are the requirements for membership?
We organize a variety of events such as seminars, conferences, trainings, and other professional activities that will help our members in their professional activities.

What events does the association organize?
Yes, our association provides an opportunity to obtain certification by the requirements of our professional standards. To obtain certification, you need to complete the appropriate training courses and pass exams that will confirm your knowledge and skills.
Is it possible to get a certification from the association?
Membership in our association allows you to access a variety of professional resources, including seminars, conferences, informational materials, and other tools to help you in your work. In addition, you will have the opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge with other members of the association, which is important for the development of your career.
What are the benefits of membership?
To become a member of our association, you must comply with the membership criteria, fill out an application on our website and pay the membership fee. After your application is reviewed and approved, you will become a member of the association.
How to become a member of the association?
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